My Summertime Go To Products

This is a mash up of my go to summertime clean products. During quarantine I really honed in on how to optimize my beauty routine to be clean and easy. The products here can be used year round and the titles are links to where they can be found. Everyone of these products are cleaner alternatives to the mainstream products. I have been personally using all of them for months and some for years. I am always interested in learning about the products you are loving right now, so pop them into the comments.

Beautycounter Resurfacing Peel

Ok, so this stuff is a game changer for me. It helps keep my skin from breaking out badly and if I start to have white head build up on my fore head it gets rid of them. It has botanically derived lactic acid in it which makes your skin tingle at first. It helps brighten your skin and make it look smoother. This has been a game changer for lots of my girlfriends and my family.

Beautycounter Charcoal Mask

I have never really been a mask person because I honestly felt like they did nothing for me. To be fair I was buying them from target and the drug store…so there is that too. I have tried a few of the Cocokind ones, though they moisturized my skin I didn’t see much difference. What I like about this charcoal mask is that you can literally see it pulling the toxins out of your pores. As it dries you will see little black dots (little for me I have tiny ass pores) on your face, which is the oils and toxins coming out. This lightly exfoliates and purifies your complexion. I try and use it on a weekly basis in the summer and fall when I am a little more oily. I am actually going to go put it on as I finish this post.

Herbivore Gua Sha Stone

I bought this Herbivore Gua Sha stone at Sephora because they did not have this shape on the herbivore website. I just bought into the Gua Sha stone during my quarantine times. I have these annoying little clear bumps on my forehead. The only thing that has every really gotten rid of them is a facial…that is until I used this Gua Sha stone. So apparently I really needed to get the lymphatic fluid in my face moving to get rid of them. Gua Sha stones are a facial message tool that help reduce puffiness and relieve facial tension. It is super soothing and I love to use it when I feel a tension headache coming on. All in all recommend getting one of these suckers if you want to give yourself in home facials.

Beautycounter Citrus Rosemary Body Oil

I have ridiculously dry skin and this has been a god send. I had been staring at this product for months on Beautycounters page but felt like it was too expensive. When my legs started looking like crocodile skin in July because all the swimming, hiking, and outdoor time, I decided to splurge. Honestly its going to last me forever. You honestly don’t need much and it goes along way. I have been using it every day for 3 weeks and it hardly has a dent in it. So worth the money because its going to last really long, and now my tan looks nice and not all scaly.

Countersun Daily Sheer

All around great face sunscreen. It is sheer, goes on smooth, isn’t greasy, and you can layer it with makeup. All around this gets a solid rating from me. I am really picky about what sunscreen I use….

Dazzle Dry Nail Polish

Well since my nail salon wasn’t open for months I decided to switch to clean nail polish. I love this stuff. It goes on easy and dries super quick. It lasts about a week-10 days on me (but I am super hard on my nails). I have a friend that uses it and it lasts 2-3 weeks on her, she also washes her dishes and cleans with gloves on. You need to buy the whole system for it to go on well, which is a little pricey up front but it lasts a long time. I have never been into painting my own nails and now I love it.

Primally Pure Dry Shampoo

Hands down best dry shampoo. Smells good. Makes my hair last for days without washing. Clean ingredients. Just go order it already.

Beautycounter Vitamin C Serum

I could write a ballad about my obsession with this Vitamin C serum. Its honestly my favorite skincare product. It brightens my skin every morning, it has reduced sun spots and eczema scarring on my face, and all around makes the skin on my face look so good. Since using this my eczema flare ups on my face have diminished immensely. Its worth it, trust me.

Primally Pure Blue Tansy Deoderant

This is my favorite natural deodorant that I have tried so far. But to be honest Beautycounter is about to launch a new one and it smells way better. I am not the biggest fan of the blue tansy smell-Primally Pure really loves to use it. I will be doing a deodorant round up post here soon.

Thanks for reading my summer round up! All these products can be used year round and in the fall. I plan on doing quarterly roundups on the clean products I am loving to share with you guys. If you are interested in trying any of the Beautycounter ones you can always email me for samples.